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Our goal is to provide high quality, custom paper goods and create a one on one personal experience with our customers. The stream of customers coming in with something they purchased online only to have it redone at greater expense is all too common and we want to prove that doesn't need to take place. We also want to provide pre-printed items for easy, quality gift giving and a fun shopping experience without all the headaches of dealing with a traditional retail environment!


Everyone works very hard for their money and we respect that, which is why we want to provide a quality product that you'll be proud of and won't need a loan to pay for it!
Have fun, ask questions and offer feedback! And don't be afraid to order something!


Why are we here? Because we care. We care about quality paper products. We care about customers getting exactly what they want. We care about our future. We took a chance on each other and Paper Junkie was born.


So, who are we? A talented graphic designer and a tested retail veteran. Our paths crossed in 2012 and almost immediately we could tell there was more to our connection than just co-workers. By 2015 we knew we were in for something bigger than working for someone else and later that year we realized it was working for ourselves and so here we are!!